From now on, they will continue invading Japan's sovereignty and invading to appeal to the people

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University of Tsukuba Graduate School Professor Furuta Hiroshi

'It is lucky to find if passing a lie, too' world

September 20, 2012 Sankei Shimbun

Our country is surrounded by the alarming state group, the kidnapper (North Korea), the island thief (Korea), and the sea thief (China), by a series of political behaviors in the East Asian nations. 

This time, it has finally become more transparent with the people.

«Seeking illusion of" Victory against Japan"

I have repeatedly warned through this column that it will soon be in such a crisis since I wrote 'East Asia Anti-Japan Triangle' (Bunshun Shinsho) in 2005.

In these countries, nationalism is multiplied, riding on Hua-Yi's distinction of self-absolute justice.

Therefore, they are eternally unpleased with the prosperity of Japan, which in the Middle Ages was a frontier in their eyes, from the perspective of the Hua-Yi distinction.

Nationalism erupts from the strata of tradition in the form of anti-Japanese.

There was also a problem with independence after the war.

A country (Korea) That had the United States released without fighting the Japanese army, a country that lost a lot of things that played guerrilla warfare a little. This country was made a puppet of the Soviet Union (North Korea); while the other guys were fighting the Japanese army, they cultivated spirit in the mountains, and after the war, they pulled out the people who were fighting before and became independent countries (China), they are.

These countries can only create a national narrative with a false history of victory over Japan.

From now on, they will continue invading Japan's sovereignty and invading to appeal to the people that it is constantly fighting Japan, once I wrote it here.

(Sound Argument column, May 8, 2009, 'Do not you live in an embarrassing country?').

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak landed on the island-stealing land and said.:

"If the Emperor wants to visit Korea, apologize to Korean independence activists. It does not have to come only with the word deepest regrets."

Korea's Hua - Yi distinction is a small one in 'small Hua - Yi distinction' of ass in a lion's skin called China, but you will find that it is full of enthusiasm for insulting Japan still.